Business & Organization Membership

From: $190.00 for 1 year

Rainier Chamber Business Membership dues is based upon the number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees. If a business has two half-time employees, they would equal one FTE. Registered non-profit businesses may join at a reduced rate. We also offer membership to residents and members of the community who wish to participate fully in Chamber civic and community activities.

Who do you need to meet? Let the Chamber introduce you to the community and watch your business thrive locally in Southeast Seattle. When you become a member of the Rainier Chamber, you join a thriving business network. The Chamber helps you sustain and develop your business through the following activities:

  • Networking, Marketing & Referrals
  • Customized Introductions
  • Business Support, Speakers & Training
  • Priority Promotion
  • Civic Advocacy
  • Community Engagement & Celebrations
  • Chamber Services & Event Discounts

Automatic membership renewal: After you submit your credit card information for payment, you will receive an authorization notice by email to confirm your membership subscription and annual renewal date. Each year on your subscription purchase date, your credit card will automatically be charged for membership renewal. You will always have the option to cancel membership renewal from your account.

Prefer to join as a resident of south Seattle? Then sign up for Resident Membership.


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